Sergio Ramos insisted that Figueroa Vázquez attend the replay of the potential penalty following Marcone’s grab on Real Madrid captain.

The COPE Network’s “Time of Game” microphones caught Ramos’ words to the referee: “Penalty, darn it, I don’t catch it! Take a look at it; it imposes a penalty on me! If it doesn’t miraculously snap my arm. Take a look at it, take a look at it. Please take a look at it! Penalty as if it were a home. The penalty is simple. I’m staying here because I’m going to film it. Juan, take a look at it!”

In the 53rd minute, he did not indicate the maximum penalty in a play in which Ramos attempted to finish inside the area, but he did signal a foul in the attack, and the VAR agreed that there was nothing punishable a minute later. The referee for AS and Carrusel, Iturralde González, should have called a penalty for Zidane’s side.

At a press conference, Zinedine Zidane said, “I saw the match, it seems to us that there is something, but the referee has decided otherwise. The whites overcame Elche thanks to two goals from Karim Benzema, who repeated Dani Calvo’s score.”


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