Gary Lineker and Brian Deane have joined the Head for Change campaign that supports former players suffering from neurodegenerative disease. The issue has gained traction in the past month after Denis Law and Terry McDermott were diagnosed with dementia. As many as 60 former players have joined the campaign including Brian Deane and Gary Lineker. The former revealed that he was in tears while talking to his former Doncaster boss Dave Cusack. Deane was the Premier league‘s first goalscorer in 1992.

“Dave was the one who saw that I had potential, he offered me a contract and from there really that’s where my story in football started,” Brian Deane said after joining the head for change campaign. “I have spent a lot of time talking to Dave recently and it’s tragic when we have spoken. Sometimes you come off the phone in tears because he’s in a bad way. It is sad to see that a once big, bright imposing figure has now drifted away somewhere. His short-term memory is shot.”

“He did so much for me without realizing – the way he managed me as a kid, the tough love. When you see someone like Dave who is out there without the support that he should have…the game sits on the shoulders of people like Dave,” he added. “Everybody out there should be looking inwardly at how we can support the likes of Dave. Is the game going to allow these people to wander off without the support and full backing that they need to retain their dignity?”

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