Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry, who left social media due to bigotry, has spoken out on the problem of online bullying.

“It didn’t begin yesterday or the day before. It’s been going on for a long time. Racism originated from the stands in rugby. There are several stories. I have them, as everyone else does,” Henry told The Sun.

“But I repeat, we say, I say, we say, “What was it? How are you feeling? Did you get enough sleep that night? What feelings did you have when you awoke? I say we chat, I say we talk, I say we talk – I’m done talking. I’m through chatting. When they inquire, I tell them, Turn on the video from five years ago.

There is freedom of speech. Yet you can’t yell in a terminal, a movie theatre, or a police station. My argument is that there must be accountability.

Wilfried Zaha was offended, and it was later discovered that the individual was 12 years old. Whose source did you use to get the account? How are we supposed to know who owns the account? Well, come on, you’ve got a plan! Passport information, tax information, and health insurance information.

Someone must be held accountable. It can’t be, Sorry, we didn’t know, it’s up to the user.” We’ll deactivate his account. Sometimes, people use nicknames to reveal something going on in their country or elsewhere because they don’t want to be caught. That’s fantastic. However, if nicknames are misused, we need a way to identify who holds the account so that penalties can be imposed.”


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