Atletico Madrid loanee Alvaro Morata has said that Juventus’ consistency will help him become Spain’s, main man. ‘I might be the missing striker’.

Morata had a strong start to his second spell at Allianz Stadium, with six goals for the Bianconeri in eight competitive games.

“I’m okay. I’m in a good moment and I’m optimistic,’ said Morata, according to Alfredo Pedulla, a SportItalia journalist.

Finding the net is a matter of scoring. The time is coming, too for the national team. This will be the second time in my career that I’ve played six games in a row for over 60 minutes.

For all players, consistency is important and at Juve, I have the continuity I have longed for. I’m the same guy and the same player you’ve always been, maybe more experienced than you have been over the years.

The only adjustment is that you have to be on the pitch or not. I didn’t have this consistency in other years, even during my first time at Juve. But I was already 19 years old.

“The more you play, the calmer you are and when you have the ball, the more you can think about what to do.

“If a striker is missing in Spain, I think I could be that player.”

This week, Morata contributed to Sergio Canales’s assist against Holland and spoke ahead of tomorrow’s first of two UEFA Nations League games against Switzerland.


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