As he defended VAR on a day when law changes were announced, Fifa president Gianni Infantino said that making fans wait for VAR decisions “adds another layer of adrenaline.”

Changes to the handball rules, the introduction of “semi-automated” offside decisions, and a possible redrawing of offside were all agreed on at the IFAB’s annual congress, with each reform prepared with the VAR in mind.

For Premier League fans, long VAR delays have become the rule, but Infantino said that this had added to the spectacle.

According to The Guardian, he said, “Rather than taking something away, it adds another layer of adrenaline to the game. Now, if there is any uncertainty, you search, you wait, you see, and that is the adrenaline that makes football what it is: the anticipation of a result. VAR, in my opinion, gives and brings more justice to the game. It cleans up the game and assists the referees in making the right decisions. When a decision is changed, it can take away the joy of others, but it brings joy to others. So, if you win a game, the joy is still there.

You will not hear me criticize VAR in any way. All revolves around justice.”


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