Inter Miami CF became the new professional sports team to be granted a questionable distinction: to report a positive test player for COVID-19.

The team announced that the undisclosed player had been testing positively during a round of tests given earlier this week, adding that the player has been asymptomatic and isolated since the diagnosis.

An Inter Miami player has tested positive for COVID-19 after a round of mandatory club testing this week, reports TSN. The Major League Soccer staff were unable to name the individual but have confirmed that he was asymptomatic.

The player also followed isolation protocols as he said he was in close contact with a person who displayed mild symptoms during the regularly administered health-screening questionnaire for players.

Inter Miami CF reports a positive test player for COVID-19

“The Club continues to work closely with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), local health authorities and Major League Soccer on recommendations for monitoring and training, as well as adhering to sufficient physical distance and sanitization procedures in their facilities during team activities,” the club said in a statement.

Teams are planning to start the MLS ‘s Back Tournament on July 8 in the Orlando area.


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