The new Inter crest has been unveiled.

There has been much anticipation and leaked drafts of the logo for months, but the club has finally unveiled what will be their official crest going forward, beginning with the 2021/22 season.

“Inter as a football symbol, an Inter rooted in Milano but free to everyone. World brothers and sisters,” wrote the club’s webpage. “Our colors and crest: our history, current, and future are all shown here.”

“The journey, the faces, and the places: I M is a sign of language, the union of Internazionale and Milano. Our beliefs and how they have evolved can be found here.

“The club’s current visual identity is influenced by a wide range of factors, including fashion, architecture, culture, and music. In real life, our love becomes a banner we can proudly wave.”

The transition has not been unanimously well-received, but there seems to be a general opinion that Nerazzurri’s latest logo is a more fitting style rebranding than Juventus’ recent change.


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