Newcastle player Jonjo Shelvey has acknowledged it was a mistake to move away from Liverpool in 2013. Shelvey joined Charlton’s Liverpool in 2010 but got dissatisfied with a shortage of minutes at Anfield, having already taken on a loan spell at Blackpool in 2011-2012. Despite merely agreeing to a new contract with the Reds in 2012, Shelvey left the club in search of regular playing time the following year, joining Swansea City.

Though Shelvey spent more minutes in Wales, he hindsight admits he would have been better off staying for a year or two to see if the Liverpool role changed. “When I left I was 21,” Shelvey had told Sky Sports. “I don’t think you see a lot of other people going in there at the age of 17 and then leaving at the age of 21 so I suppose it says a lot about what I’m like as a person.”


“I couldn’t play one or two games, and then get out of the squad. I’ve just tried to practice week in, week out.”I think it was the feeling I wanted but should I have lived in the background? Maybe indeed. And if it was only another year or two, it was just to see if things were getting better because that’s what it is at the end of the day.”

Now 28, the player has grown into a key figure with the Magpies and is happy with his current position, but he knows he can’t stop worrying about what should have been.


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