Juventus and Italy star Alessandro Del Piero are on the mend after taking a kidney stone to the hospital.

Alessandro Del Piero, suffering from kidney stones, is a Los Angeles hospital. ‘I can’t believe anything 3 mm small can do so much harm.’

Former star Juventus and Italy posted a photo of themselves in the UCLA Department of Emergency on Instagram. He wore a face mask that puzzled some fans, but he was swift to make sure it was just a precaution.


Del Piero, 45 years old, hung up his boots in 2014 after a spell with Delhi Dynamos in India, having won the 2006 World Cup with Italy and 14 big Juve color titles during his brilliant career.

He later moved to Los Angeles where he owns the LA10FC amateur soccer club through his company Edge Americas.

But the former striker has been needing medical attention in recent days since being diagnosed with the intrusion.

And he expressed his skepticism after disclosing his affliction via Instagram that such a minute object could cause such discomfort.

“I can’t imagine that something just 3 mm long will hurt so much,” he joked his hospital bed fans, complete with a surgical mask as a precaution against coronavirus.

Del Piero also owns a U.S. city restaurant and has recently complained about the shutdown that hit his company hard.

“I have a restaurant so I had to close it. In April, the gyms so non-essential offices closed too,” he told Radio 24.

“Life has changed, and the schools will be closed in April as well.”
Nevertheless, he is trying to help out during the lockout, keeping the kitchen of his restaurant open to provide food to medical workers.


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