Jamie Carragher belives that Everton players have been a disgrace this season while stating that their game against Newcastle is the biggest in the past two decades. Their 1-0 defeat to Wolves was their fourth consective defeat and see them level on points with Watford although they have three games in hand. One of those games is against Newcastle at Goodison Park and is a good place to start picking up the points they need to stave off relegation.

“We built these two home games up for Everton,” Jamie Carragher said about Everton. “I felt Goodison, and playing at home, was the only way they can stay up. But because they have now lost the first one, the Newcastle one feels almost like their biggest game for 20 years, when they stayed up on the final day against Coventry in 1998. It almost feels like that type of game because I don’t think Evertonians actually believe they are going to stay up, and if they don’t win at home, they’ve got no faith in getting anything away from home. Everton’s fixtures are horrific, certainly the last five or six, and that’s why playing Newcastle on Thursday feels absolutely huge for the football club.”

“The thing with Everton is that the players have been an absolute disgrace,” he added. “You can talk about Frank coming in and you can talk about Rafa. They are two completely different managers in terms of style. You’ve got Rafa Benitez and you can think he’s defensive, he sat off teams and allowed other teams to play, but Frank is completely the opposite. You looked at Rafa thinking it was dull, it was boring, and he didn’t create an atmosphere at Goodison, whereas Frank in home games has gone after teams, pressed teams and tried to play out from the back, and yet they are still getting awful results.”

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