Jamie Carragher has warned that following the European Super League controversy that Fenway Sports Group (FSG) have no future at the club. Liverpool had announced that they are one of the founding members of the European Super League. Late on Monday night, they had pulled out from the league following the withdrawal of the other Big Six.

“I actually think the situation with Liverpool’s owners is that l don’t see how they can continue,” Jamie Carragher said in a scathing attack on FSG.”They can’t just leave the club, obviously, the business is worth a lot of money. But I don’t see a future for the ownership of FSG at Liverpool on the back of this.”

Liverpool fans acted angrily following the announcement of their involvement in the European Super League. ‘LFC fans against European Super League’ and ‘Shame on You – RIP LFC – 1892-2021’ were displayed on banners outside Anfield early Monday morning.

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville revealed that Ed Woodward realized that his time at the club was finished. News of the club’s executive vice-chairman resigning came minutes before the announcement of pulling out from the European Super League was made. Neville agreed with Carragher and said like Liverpool, the Glazers would find it difficult to recover from this controversy.

“We obviously don’t know why the timing is now,” Neville said of Woodward’s departure. “The leeches could have thrown him under a bus, there’s no doubt about that. Or it could have been that the sensible thing has happened that Ed Woodward knew it was going to get pretty hot in the kitchen for him in the next few months and he needed to get out of there.”

“The fact of the matter is, not just Ed Woodward, every single executive who goes and sits at the Premier League table, every single executive who is on these UEFA or FIFA committees, they need throwing out of that club because there is no way they can turn up again and be trusted.” he added.


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