Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher expressed the need to strengthen the squad.

“You need to win again. I wouldn’t say one title isn’t enough, but I’m not the biggest supporter to tell the club what to do. When you concentrate on only one season and suggest the team’s been the best in the league in it, then this is the end of history. All is changing concerning the next season. Players are acquired, sold, and this is another league. I don’t think Liverpool needs to get into the transfer market. We will only be able to determine next year if this decision is right, but it was made mainly because of the current situation in the world.

Don’t condemn this performance too often of the club. But I still want them to sign a talented player in the attacking three, given their current composition. Perhaps buying someone to replace Andrew Robertson would be worthwhile. In the midfield and defense centers, they are well equipped. I assume Neco Williams is going to be a fantastic safety net for Trent. Because Lallana and Shaqiri will depart, I assume that Liverpool needs to acquire 1-2 players on the attack.”But I am confident Liverpool will replicate what they have done this season,” Carragher told Liverpool Echo.


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