Joan Laporta made a direct appeal to Lionel Messi during his first public appearance as Barcelona president, in an attempt to convince the Argentine to stay at the club.

During his presentation, Laporta discussed his potential vision for the club, which was attended by Messi, but the topic soon turned to the Argentine and his expiring contract, as it often does.

“We had the best players in Barça history in our first spell, but if we were successful, it was because of continuity,” Laporta said, winking at Messi.

“It is Barcelona’s solidarity that provides you with peace, and I encourage everyone in Barcelona to see what they can do for Barça. I’m here to make decisions, such as persuading Leo to stay, taking advantage of the fact that he’s present. He is aware of this.

You know how much I adore you, and we will go to every extent to keep you here. You remember you can’t go, Leo. We won’t be able to do it on our own. If our anthem proclaims, we are better together. Perhaps more so in these hard days. We know just how to do it

Our revenue will resume after the pandemic is over. That will be presented. Since I am well-accompanied, there would be good leadership. We will make a pick. To protect the club, you must live and breathe it, which we do to the greatest extent possible.”


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