Talking about inequality in top EPL clubs, former Liverpool striker John Barnes said that if he was black, Liverpool would have fired coach Jurgen Klopp in the first two years.

“You can create any framework, but if your mindset doesn’t change, nothing can change. Let me give an example of Klopp. How successful was he really in the first two years at Liverpool? He was 25 points behind the first place (21 in the first season, 17 in the second), but we believed he was the right person,” Barnes said to Talksport.

“In other circumstances, he would have lost his job. If he had been black, he would have been fired in the first two years. If he had been an Englishman, he would have been fired.”

“There is a group of people who are discriminated against in English football, at the highest level in the EPL. The top 6 clubs will not have a white Englishman coach.”

“Yes, there is Lampard, but that’s because he has a special connection with Chelsea, and that’s the only reason he’s heading Chelsea. Under other circumstances, he would not have got the job.”


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