Arsenal Women manager Jonas Eidevall believes the team didn’t even play the way they wanted to during their 3-0 loss to Chelsea in the Women’s FA Cup final. He has called for a change of attitude from the team before their penultimate fixture against defending champions Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League.

“What I think was really hurtful against Chelsea is that I think if you would have put another jersey on the team and rewatched it, you could never recognize it was Arsenal that was playing the game, because we didn’t do the things we do and that normally you would associate with us.” Arsenal Women manager Jonas Eidevall said. “And that means that we’re coming off from that game, and we didn’t even try to play the way we wanted to play. And losing like that, that just feels pointless.”

“So from a mentality perspective, that is what we need to change going into the Barcelona game. If you don’t try you will never succeed, and it’s about doing that,” he added. “I’m not going away from any other game this season or any other season not trying. It starts with that, it has to, and that’s how you build a winning mentality. We learned things from playing against them (Barcelona) last time, and from studying them before this game. It’s the world’s current best club team that we’re going to play against so it’s a really exciting challenge.”

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