Jordan Henderson has backed Liverpool owner’s Fenway Sports Group and John W Henry to gain the trust of the supporters back. The owners have come under a lot of criticism over their European Super League debacle. John W Henry apologized to the players, fans, and managers for the decision to join the European Super League.

Jordan Henderson had led the Liverpool player protests a day earlier against the club’s decision to join the now collapsed European Super League. The owner’s apology came a day after Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham were joined by Liverpool in pulling out of the competition.

“It is good that Liverpool withdrew and the concept has collapsed. That’s good for football. It’s also good that our owners, via John Henry, have apologized unreservedly,” Jordan Henderson said about John W Henry. “People can disagree with me saying this, but my opinion is that our owners have been good for Liverpool. If you have a problem with me saying that, fair enough and I respect that. But my opinion is built on my own first-hand experiences, from the enormously privileged position of being a player and captain of this football club.”

“What matters now, for the team and the club, is that our relationship with our supporters is strengthened on the other side of this. We must make sure we protect the close bond that’s been so critical in bringing the success we’ve enjoyed over the past few seasons. The bond between fans and players.”

Henderson joined his manager, Jurgen Klopp who earlier hoped the fans could forgive the owners for their mistake. Henderson said that being critical of his own employer wasn’t easy. He praised the work that the owners had done over the last few years and are hopeful that one error in judgement does not take away all the good work done.


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