Jose Mourinho has asked his Tottenham Hotspur team to display the characteristics that have been absent in the last two games as they head to Aston Villa.

Spurs’ season has come crashing down around them in the last seven days, starting with a north London derby defeat to Arsenal, which badly harmed their Premier League top-four hopes and ending with a disappointing Europa League exit at the hands of Dinamo Zagreb.

Mourinho questioned his team’s attitude after both defeats, and he believes they need to focus on the “basics of every mission” while they prepare to face Villa.

When asked what he expected from his team against Villa, he told RTE: “That’s the same question I asked after the game against Arsenal, and I didn’t see it against Zagreb, what I wanted to see. But it’s impossible to tell because I was expecting a different mentality, which we didn’t get at Zagreb.

“Obviously, what do I want to accomplish against Aston Villa? I want all of the ingredients that I listed in response to some of the previous questions. They are the foundations of a trustworthy practitioner, in my view. It makes no difference where you live. We’re talking about football right now, but we might be talking about something in the culture.

The foundations of every job are integrity, dedication, desire, and appreciation for the people who depend on you to do good work. That’s what I’m searching for every day, every match.”


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