Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool players are prepared to fight to change their form around, Jurgen Klopp insists, though firmly denying reports he might be prepared to walk away from Anfield.

After Mohamed Salah gave the Reds a second-half lead at the King Power Stadium, a 3-1 weekend loss to Leicester City, prompted Klopp to admit his defending champions would be unable to catch Manchester City’s Premier League leaders.

Liverpool was defeated 4-1 at home in their previous match by City, who are 13 points better off with a game in hand.

Attention is now turning to the Champions League, where Liverpool will look forward to continuing its remarkable recent record in Europe’s premier competition when it faces last season’s RB Leipzig semi-finalists.

After the Leicester loss, the rumor mill went into overdrive, with unsubstantiated online speculation claiming that Klopp could crash in the ructions of the dressing room.

When his mother Elisabeth died last week, the 53-year-old also suffered a personal loss, with coronavirus travel restrictions stopping him from attending the funeral.

A group of Liverpool fans looked to unite behind Klopp, despite being held away from matches, by hanging a banner in his honor outside the Kop end of Anfield – a gesture he appreciated but felt was needless.

“The banner is nice, not necessary I don’t think. I don’t feel like I need special support at the moment [but] it’s nice, very nice,” he said ahead of the match on Tuesday, which was moved to Budapest.

What was the other thing? I’m getting the sack or leaving it alone, or what? Neither, nor. I don’t need a break.

The last thing I want to do is chat at a press conference about something private. Everyone knows that we [Klopp’s family] had a rough time in private. Not only for three weeks but for a much longer period.

“We do deal with it 100 percent as a family.

I can divide things when I come to work at the football club here. I can turn things off. I can’t take stuff around. I’m private if I’m private. I’m here if I’m in my office. Nobody has to worry about me. Nobody has to worry about me.”


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