Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp thinks it is difficult for the Reds to replicate Manchester United ‘s period of domination as they close in on the Premier League crown.

Klopp’s Liverpool is 22 points clear atop the table as they head to Goodison Park for Sunday’s Merseyside derby against rivals Everton. Not since 1990 has Liverpool won a league trophy but for the 19th time, one behind United’s record, the club is set to be crowned English champions.

Only theoretical confirmation distinguishes Liverpool after 30 years from the first English word.

The Reds coach particularly enjoys the fact that his team came to the brink of historic achievement long before the end of the championship and with an unrealistically big advantage over the current champion and only rival.

Before the end of the Premier League season, Liverpool has 82 points nine rounds and Manchester City 60 points.

Klopp never hides how fascinated he is with the players and the City team and their coach Pep Guardiola, and what is particularly important to him is that he is so convincing before them.

He repeated that even four days ago, after watching City superiorly dismantle Arsenal. He beat him 3-0 with 12-0 shots on goal and two-thirds of the game’s ball in possession.

“I’ve been watching City play and beating Arsenal, and I’ve just wondered: how can we get as many as 22 more points as they do?” Klopp said.


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