Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp revealed that he feels bad for Thomas Tuchel and the Chelsea players but has backed the decision of the government to sanction Roman Abramovich. He had put Chelsea up for sale but the process has been delayed after his assets were frozen. The sanctions have been done to stop Abramovic from making any money in the UK.

“Thomas Tuchel and I know each other but we are not that close that we chat,” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said. “Around the games, yes, but not in other moments. Of course, I feel for him and the players and all the employees at Chelsea because it’s obviously not a (nice) situation. It’s nothing they are responsible for, what happens around. There is one man who is really responsible and that’s Vladimir Putin. I don’t know about Roman Abramovich’s role in all these kinds of things. But over the years you could guess that maybe he is pretty close. I think what the British government did is right, to be 100 percent honest. But it is still not cool for the people at Chelsea and the supporters. I get that. But I think the things the government did are right.”

“I managed there for nearly two years, I played there for 13 years – I’ve got a lot of friends who work behind the scenes that I care about,” Everton boss Frank Lampard said. “I care about the fans of Chelsea that were there from the beginning, who were there before us and will be there after us. It’s a tough moment for the club.”

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