Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp revealed he was baffled when he saw that Trent Alexander-Arnold was utilized in midfield during their World Cup qualifier against Andorra. He labelled Trent Alexander-Arnold as the best right-back in the world. In the end, his time in midfield lasted just one half as he was shifted to right-back in the second half.

“In this game, in a game where England are that dominant for example, or that we are that dominant that Trent could play in midfield, I would rather he was the six than in this case the eight,” Jurgen Klopp said about Trent Alexander-Arnold being used in midfield. “That is possible but why would you make the best right-back in the world a midfielder? I don’t understand that really. As if the right-back position is not as important as the others. People who say that I struggle to understand how you could think that.”

“If you watch our games then you will see that Trent’s position has already changed,” he added. “Not in all the games but in games where it is possible, so there is no need to now make him a midfield player. It is a little bit a shame that we talk in 2021 like this about football. Players play everywhere, especially good players. Trent on the right wing was already everywhere on the pitch. Some people think that because he plays 10 yards further up the pitch he would be more influential.”

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