Red Bull ‘s football chief Ralf Rangnick revealed that Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, is persuading potential players to join the club by meeting them directly.

Rangnick told The Times that, “Klopp has acquired both Sadio Mane from Southampton and Naby Keita from RB Leipzig by convincing them that Liverpool is their next best move.”

In 2016, Mane completed a £30 m move from the Saints to Liverpool as Keita joined the reds of the Bundesliga giants in 2017 for £55 m.
Rangnick explained Klopp ‘s approach to signing players and how he’s trying to persuade them that the best place to develop is Liverpool.

He said: ‘If Jurgen wants a player like Naby Keita or Sadio Mane then in normal circumstances those players also have interest from other clubs. So Jurgen was calling what he is doing to the players themselves. If possible, meet the players themselves, and persuade them that the next best thing for them is a transfer to Liverpool.”

Jurgen Klopp wants potential players to join the club

Mane has reflected on his boss, stating that he remains responsible for his players and praises Klopp for helping them on and off the pitch.

Mane told the Liverpool FC’s official website, “He’s one full of life, he’s someone who’s holding us all accountable as athletes, which is important for a field player. He’s a guy who knows how to handle you off the field too. Sometimes he can be tough with his players, but that’s for positive reasons and that’s helped us a lot on the field. If you have to meet him to understand all that is impressive.”

Keita also praised Klopp for defending his team and similarly treating other teams.

“He’ll always protect his team, and for him all the team is equal. He sees no difference anyway. He is still there to tell you things like if you haven’t done the best in a game that is difficult for coaches to do,” he said.


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