Jurgen Klopp claims that Manchester City and Bayern Munich are favorited this season to win the Champions League – and says he ‘d love to see two of his biggest rivals battling.

He told reporters: “Bayern and Man City are two great favorites left for me in the contest. That would be quite a fun game! I don’t know yet if that’s going to happen, whether they’re going to collide in the semi-finals or something. Bayern actuated a relatively good season in Germany, before and after the lockout. What they did after Hansi Flick took over, was real. They are both favorites.”

In continuation, he said: “The competition would be interesting too because it is totally new. Yet watching Man City you see the side that they’ve got. Everybody needs luck, but as I have always said; if you want to win the Champions League, with the best line-up, you should be ready for the final. The other teams haven’t fired much, so I just think those two teams are the favorites.”


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