According to Italian journalist Romeo Agresti and the Spanish newspaper Sport, Juve expects to present his star Ronaldo for sale next summer before the end of his team deal.

In the summer of 2021, the “Old Lady” team is studying Ronaldo for sale, aiming to recover from Real Madrid some of the 100 million euros invested by the club on contracting with him in the summer of 2018.

Besides, according to the Sport newspaper, Juventus needs to get rid of its high-star wage costs, which surpass EUR 30 million.

Juventus reporter Agreste noted that the Italian champion considers Ronaldo to be at great risk for another year, especially because the Portuguese star is now 35 years old.

The “Don” contract lasts to the summer of 2022, but last summer, when it contracted with young coach Andrea Pirlo, Juventus seems to be about its orientation, in a move that marked the beginning of the “rebuilding” process and focusing on youth, which varies from the team’s strategy when it contracted with Ronaldo, as the first target was to achieve the Champions League within a few years, and the first goal was to achieve the Champions League within a few years.

Ronaldo struggled to guide Juventus to European glory, and the team was deceptively eliminated from the 2019 quarter-finals and the 2020 round of 16.

In the summer of 2021, Ronaldo will be 36 years old and, due to his health and high physical ability, he will be able to obtain a final European experience.

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