Captain Giorgio Chiellini has stressed that under Maurizio Sarri the Juventus players ‘have done our best’ to succeed and do not think it is necessary to compare Andrea Pirlo with the former coach.

Sarri lost his job after the elimination of the Old Lady from the Champions League this month and Juve has since appointed an inexperienced Pirlo as the new head coach of Allianz Stadium.

However, the Bianconeri picked up their ninth consecutive Scudetto and Chiellini said he had ‘a great deal of respect’ for Sarri, who is ‘a true guy.’

“Everybody hoped to have a different kind of championship and development, but I’m sure we’ve done our best,” said Chiellini at a press conference, Football Italia said.

“Sarri is a real guy, all kinds of things have come out in the last few weeks but there is great respect for him on my side. And I’m not going to say anything else, even because he can not talk at this moment. I can only tell I have great respect for him.”

“Pirlo, a former Chiellini teammate, has returned to coach Juventus and thus the defender said their relationship has changed for the moment. He’s the Mentor for us. If Andrea was Andrea until a few weeks ago, then that’s different. Now, he’s the coach. Getting Hierarchies is right.”

“It’s not right to equate him with Sarri, because of the different paths and era. If I were to become a coach for Juventus tomorrow, I wouldn’t know any of the fundamentals. So I’m going to remember all the people that I have around me and so is Pirlo. Can’t compare the circumstances.”


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