The FA director of the women’s game, Kelly Simmons revealed that they are constantly monitoring the budgets of clubs to save another club from liquidation. Coventry United has docked 10 points for entering voluntary liquidation last month. Businessman Lewis Taylor is hoping to complete the takeover and appeal the points deduction as well. The deduction sees the team drop to -4 points for the season and into last place.

“In our rules, [if you are] deemed to suffer an insolvency event, it’s an automatic 10-point deduction,” FA director of the women’s game, Kelly Simmons said. “There is a right of appeal that could outline the situation as a result of a force majeure [clause included in contracts to remove liability for natural and unavoidable catastrophes] and that process is still going on, so it’s probably not appropriate to talk specifically about Coventry.”

“I think in terms of the rules, generally they are there in professional football across the board and take non-payment by football creditors and creditors very seriously. Part of fair play is making sure that clubs spend within their means. We probably need to see how the next few days play out and whether the club wants to step forward and appeal,” she added. “In most situations, I think that is football in that you might be able to sell a club, but the league and the governing body deals with the club. Therefore, unfortunately, when you are a new owner coming, that is the situation you buy into and you inherit.”

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