France and Everton midfielder Kenza Dali believes that Euro 2022 will be harder to win than the World Cup. There are 100 days to go to the European Championship with England unveiling life-like football figures before announcing sell-out crowds. With half the tickets sold out in the pre-sale, the rest of the tickets were sold out in an hour on Monday. The final could surpass the attendance for a Euros game.

“I think it’s actually harder to win a Euros now than a World Cup,” France and Everton midfielder Kenza Dali said before the Euro 2022. “In Europe, the level is very close. At a World Cup, you have some games where the gap is massive sometimes. At the Euros, you can’t pick a team and say they will win the Euros. There’s Spain, England, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands… a lot of teams! It’s really exciting. There’s a big competition and it’s in a country which is big for football. Who is going to win? A lot of people see us as a favorite, but I don’t understand why because there are so many teams who have won trophies and we have never,” she added. “We have never reached a final for example.”

“I can’t wait, the Euros will be unbelievable. I think a successful tournament would be to make the nation proud and inspire hopefully a lot more younger children to play. As individuals, all we ever do is aim to do our best,” Chelsea defender Jess Carter said. “I don’t think it’s fair to set a specific goal because there are so many stepping stones along the way. There are so many top teams there too. We are equally one of those, but our aim is to deliver our best on the biggest stage and see where that takes us.”

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