Wales striker Kieffer Moore has revealed that he is adapting his game at Euro 2020 to avoid bookings. The striker has said that his stature often makes him an easy target for referees. The striker scored against Switzerland in the opening game of the tournament. He picked up a yellow card for a stray elbow that caught Swiss defender Schar in the face. Moore is 6ft 5in and says that he has adapted his jump to avoid bookings that would rule him out of the knockouts.

“When referees look at my stature and my height, I’ve kind of made it to be an easy target,” Wales forward Kieffer Moore said at euro 2020. “If opponents go down, realistically I haven’t probably touched them, but they’ve thrown themselves to the floor and it looks like I have. It’s also about me taking myself out of those situations and look like I’m not doing that really.”

“I did do that, but jumping without the arms is very hard,” he added. ”In a way, I had to get through to not get yellow carded. It’s all about adapting, if I can not get another yellow card I’ll be happy to keep trying to do that.”

Moore has taken more than a couple of knocks during the tournament so far. He suffered a cut to the head as well as a bloody nose in the last group game. Despite the wounds, the striker has said he is fit for the game against Denmark. The striker admitted that he is thoroughly enjoying his first major international tournament and would like to go deeper into the tournament.

“It takes its toll but I’m all good,” he added. “I’ve just been in the wars, it’s part and parcel of football. The way I play I’m bound to get some minor knocks.”

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