Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has reflected on the 22nd round of the EPL’s 0-1 loss to Brighton.

‘We’re disappointed, and there is no reason to smile at all. It’s difficult to handle. Tough week, there were two intense away matches in a row, and today, both mentally and physically, we weren’t fresh enough,’ Klopp told the BBC.

“There were a lot of episodes where we gave the opponents the ball too quickly. We made Brighton’s life easy, but they looked good too.

“There is no question about that, Brighton deservedly won. Finding an explanation about how this happened and knowing what happened tonight is more important to me now. We did look unconvincing.

We weren’t sufficiently new. That we need to deal with. Each of our players is capable of playing better than they are today. It’s not like they didn’t want to. I know them. The explanation has to be different.’


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