Jürgen Klopp said Liverpool’s championship success figures are the most sought after in international sport this year and the enormity of overcoming the club’s 30-year wait will hit home as Jordan Henderson lifts the Premier League trophy.

Klopp told The Guardian: “I always thought that early winning the title would be much better than getting to a Champions League final when it comes to the real stage – all or nothing. We have already won seven league matches before the season starts, which is just amazing. The moment we get the award that’s going to be what it’s all about is 100 percent. I believe this is one of the biggest stories in football history.”

“If anyone had said: ‘This year you’re going to become a nation-wide champion so you’re going to pick out which team you want to play with and make it very good,’ I think Liverpool’s choice would be. Since it was the one that everybody wanted to be part of, we are strong enough to be part of it. To be honest, I appreciate that, it’s a very big one. Supporters do not miss out on any other titles. I guess no-one will ever forget, though. That’s unfair. That’s what makes this special.”


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