Head coach Ronald Koeman of Barcelona commented on team defender Gerard Pique’s comments about Real Madrid and the referees.

The footballer said: “85% of the referees support Real Madrid. How should they not, in their favor, whistle? There have already been disciplinary proceedings started against the player. He may be disqualified or disciplined with a fine for 4 to 12 matches.”

“It will be my fault if he is disciplined for those terms. But there’s enough experience for Gerard to say whatever he wants. But you have to be careful because even over anything small, they can get you in trouble,” Koeman said at the press conference as per Marca.

“Do it with respect if you want to criticize, so you can’t be punished.”

The game against Alaves is now more critical than the PSG match. We’re changing from game to game. Winning before the match that awaits us on Tuesday is critical,

This season, the 34-year-old center-back played eight games in La Liga. He’s out sick now.


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