Frank Lampard doesn’t think Champions League qualification is vital to Chelsea’s attempt to close the gap on their Liverpool rivals on Wednesday night although he admits the competition’s “prestige” would aid the process.

As planned, Lampard wants to follow his work off the field, playing in the Champions League.

Lampard told Zoom reporters during a video conference call: “It’s extremely important for the club. Not only because of the popularity, because if you’re a world stage team like Chelsea, but you also want to perform to draw top-class talent at the highest level. It certainly raises money for the club, let’s not make assumptions on that. And you understand that the competition on who places in the top four is so serious. This was maybe unheard of a couple of years ago. This is not only a recognition today but an accomplishment in itself. We want to take this step further and look ahead in the Premier League so breaking into the Champions League will be a priority for us, even though the season this year is gone.”


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