Joan Laporta remains optimistic that Lionel Messi, one of the few candidates for the Barcelona presidency in the running, will be retained.
Lionel Messi is not motivated by wealth, according to presidential candidate Joan Laporta, as he sees titles amid uncertainty about his Barcelona future.

Laporta, one of the few contenders in the presidential race, remains hopeful of holding the 33-year-old in the first leg of the blockbuster last-16 tie on Tuesday, as doubts linger about Messi following Barcelona’s 4-1 rout at the hands of PSG.

“Giving him affection is very important. One of the most beautiful stories in football is the love story between Messi and Barcelona. He’s gotta be cherished. He deserves that. And with an economic offer that makes him feel appreciated, he has to be valued, but he’s not driven by cash.

I know him, I have a good friendship and a great deal of admiration for him. This is a champion. What he needs, with Barcelona, is to win again. I shall do whatever I can to hold him. Our rivals are state clubs, and they make offers. We have to be clear that money doesn’t guarantee titles, and Leo is more about winning titles than making money.”

Laporta added: “He makes much more money than he spends, much more. The expense of Messi constitutes eight percent of the overall revenue of the club, while he produces about 30 percent of the revenue.
Messi, for Barcelona, is lucrative, but the most important thing is the emotional return he offers us.

It’s priceless when you ask a young boy or girl who their favorite player is and they immediately say, Messi.”


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