Laporta says he’s the same guy who won the election in 2003 and took Barca to success and feels he can do it again. The ex-president says that to keep Messi, he has to plan a competitive project.

“I’m the same Joan Laporta who won the 2003 election. I feel challenged once again to do it again. I know I have the bar set very high but that motivates and stimulates me. We will give every last drop of blood to make it go well,” presidential candidate Joan Laporta has told Catalunya Radio.

“Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe? All I can say is with me as president, Barcelona will be able to sign the most interesting players on the market. We’re ready to improve what we have now. And we must not forget that to get Leo Messi to stay we have to make a very competitive sports proposal.”


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