The invincible right-back of Arsenal shows how the love of Dein and Wenger brought him to Highbury, and how the joy that Henry almost fought still gives him

The way he puts it, their wedding plans were fucked up and all for nothing but Lauren didn’t mind. It turned out to be the best thing he’s ever done. There are no regrets; there’s just fun, foreign Cameroon cracking up so much it’s a wonder he can get back together again.

Lauren on Arsenal training sessions 'incredibly competitive'

The former defender of Gunners demonstrated how the intra-squad fights of the club led to the titles of the Premier League
Former Arsenal defender Lauren released specifics of the “incredibly intense” training sessions of the club dominated by Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp’s likes.

From 2000 to 2007 Lauren was with the Gunners, having made 242 appearances with the club during his tenure.

His tenure coincided with a good run for Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, with two Premier League titles won by the Cameroonian fullback during his stay.

Wenger’s Gunners have been competing routinely for the Premier League, with Lauren saying that the club’s fire has developed from a competitive training environment.

Indeed, Wenger would mostly only sit back and watch players battle during heated intra-squad matches as the French boss didn’t want to get between the most competitive stars of his squad.

In the summer of 1999, the man who went on to be unstoppable in London was supposed to lie with his new wife, Monica, on a beach somewhere; instead, he was in a meeting with a couple of people he couldn’t understand negotiating a contract that hadn’t been completed.

These training sessions’ introductions were also eye-opening for new signatures.

Lauren spoke about when Gilberto Silva joined the club in 2002, with the Brazilian shocked at how hard the top players of the Gunners went during training sessions


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