Lazio claimed fourth in Series A in a big reversal win over Cagliari at the Olimpico, Ciro Immobile and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic changed the contest for the Aquile.

Patric gave an early free-kick on Joao Pedro’s late challenge, and the Cagliari moved in to knock it in the back of the net. However, the referee ignored the goal because the reckless action gave the Rossoblu an indirect free kick.

The biggest came out of an assault on Ciro Immobile. Jony found the leading goal scorer in the center and his finish was on target but Cragno was able to respond and drive him over the line.

It was all Lazio, but Cagliari should have played for a free header in the 39th minute when Giovanni Simeone lost his marker at an angle and had the ball on the six-yard line. He did little to direct the ball to the goal, squandering a big chance for a target shot.

But Simeone got another chance, and this time he succeeded, he managed to smash it into the right corner, but the shot took a major deflection and ended up in the back of the net for the second time. This time, it counts.

Immediately following the break, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic equalized at the top corner with a brilliant strike.

At just one minute of the second, a huge volley from the Serbian stunned Cragno, who had tried his best to keep Lazio out of the first half.

Immobile scored 60 minutes into his 31st goal in Serie A.

Luis Alberto ‘s ball was decent inch through, and the forward had no goal errors. Slotted with regular Immobile finish, Cragno past.

Cagliari couldn’t ask the real questions and the tempo went at a good pace for the home side. Lazio has driven the game out and gained three points to secure a spot in the top four this season.


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