Tottenham legend Ledley King believes that Tottenham are the greenest club in the Premier League. King was the last captain to lift a trophy at Spurs after spending his whole career with the North London club. He is enthusiastic about motivating others to prevent climate change.

“It’s important to take little steps to try to improve, like walking whenever you can and cycling.” former Tottenham captain Ledley King said. “Just do the best things you can do, one step at a time, to try and improve. If you can inspire someone else to do the same, then that’s a good thing.”

There have been a number of steps taken at Spurs to improve the environment. Spurs are one of the only clubs in the world that have their own organic garden. The garden has benefitted the community in a huge way. They also have 25 bug hotels around their training complex so as to boost biodiversity.

“Everything here is given to the first-team players to help their performance,” King said. “What’s great is that the food doesn’t have to travel, so we save on the food miles. Also, a nice fact is that the food here was distributed into the stadium during the lockdown and given to the local community. It’s about the club proving it’s not just about the football side of things. The club is there to use its power to be the best that it can be in all aspects. This is just another example of the club doing its great work and helping the climate.”

King revealed that Eric Dier had taken up gardening during lockdown to make a positive impact on climate change. “Eric is someone that takes a great interest in these sorts of things,” said King. “We’ve seen over the last few weeks the England squad and them speaking about certain issues and how far that travels. Players are very important in today’s world.”

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