Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has opened up on the team’s defensive problems after they conceded three goals in a loss against Napoli in the Europa League. Despite their weakness from set-pieces in the Premier League, all their goals against Napoli came from open play. They have conceded more goals from set-pieces compared to any other team in the league.

“It is always the issue, isn’t it. You plug one gap and something else comes up. We were playing against a very good side and dominated all the statistics in the game but we conceded poor goals. It was hugely disappointing.” Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers said. “We need to start doing the basics right. In order to win games, you have to be hard to beat. Fundamentally, to attack well, we need to defend well. Offensively, we have created chances and we look like a threat. But just at the moment, we cannot defend.”

“We look at that for this game and were much better in defending those moments. Then, of course, we make a mistake for the first goal and could do better for the second and the third,” he added. “That is not just the back four and the goalkeeper, it is the whole team. There have been moments of concentration when we have switched off and been punished. There are other moments when players have been too passive in our defending and that has cost us.”

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