In Bologna, Leonardo Bonucci saw a ‘fundamental’ victory, as Juventus realized that ‘the way forward is of sacrifice, humility and bringing home the result at all costs.’

The 2-0 win is a definite step up from the disappointing performance in the Coppa Italia against Milan and Napoli. It keeps Stadio Dall’Ara Juve at top of Serie A table

“This was a fundamental match, there’s no denying it, as we’ve had to give ourselves a response. If we’re the team we’ve seen tonight we ‘re going to achieve great things, “Bonucci told Sky Sport Italia.

With coach Maurizio Sarri and the group, there had been reports of tension within this week.

Bonucci added: “Rather than great players, a team like ours must be made up of great people. This is the path forwards, the one of sacrifice, humility, the desire to at all costs bring the result home. I think we have said so much outside of our dressing room. We had to respond with actions and not with words. As we have always done at Juventus over the years, we spoke to each other and we set out a roadmap for the road ahead. That was what we saw tonight.”


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