PSG sports director Leonardo talked to Le Parisien about the success of contract extension negotiations with Kylian Mbappe and Neymar, the team’s strikers.

On Mbappe:

I was shocked by some of the judgments regarding Kylian. He’s got his way of doing stuff. His position in the team is becoming more and more relevant each time. He has duties and stability and a straightforward direction already.

We’re talking to him, and talks have been going on for a long time now. Our stance is straightforward and we know what we want. The time will soon come when there will be a definitive decision. The beginning of contact has been encouraging.

On Neymar:

“We are still speaking with him. We’re on the right track, but we haven’t yet signed a new deal. That’s a pleasure working with him. We intend to reach an agreement as quickly as possible. For Angel Di Maria and Juan Bernat, the same goes. We want to extend all these players’ contracts.
We have mentioned extending Draxler’s contract to a lesser degree, as he has had fewer chances in previous years to take to the mound. For our squad, he is still a significant player.


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