Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders has called for improvements in how VAR operates after lack of consistency has cost the team’s points this season. Liverpool was denied a penalty against Spurs before the VAR opted not to ask the referee to check the tackle on the pitchside monitor. To compound matters, Andrew Robertson was sent off for a tackle of far lesser magnitude after VAR asked the referee to visit the pitchside monitor to take a closer look at the tackle.

“Everyone makes mistakes,” said Liverpool assistant coach Pep Lijnders. “If we make big mistakes, Jurgen and myself get punished; if players make big mistakes, they get punished; but if referees make big mistakes, usually teams or players get punished and that is not correct. What I still don’t understand is why the VAR is always a separate [different] person and not part of the team because, in that split-second, the guy who helps the referee on the pitch needs to know the referee with everything he has.”

“They need to be a team because together they are responsible. If there are always changes, it will not work,” he added. “It would be the same if Jurgen had a different assistant manager every weekend.”

“The Premier League should ask them, not the CEOs, not the managers, because health always comes position number one above everything,” Lijnders said about the vaccination. “We are in this job to protect our players and our staff and also the family members and that is why we have all these good measures in place and try to cut the chain [of transmission] with our testing and how we deal with things inside the AXA [training ground].”

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