German national team player Timo Werner is prepared to sign the new European champion in the next transitional phase if Liverpool is to pay a fee of €60 million, as announced by the British SkySport in Werner’s deal with RB Leipzig.

RB Leipzig’s exit clause is valid until this year’s June 15th so Juergen Klopp doesn’t have much time to consider.

As it lasted until then, this exit clause was inserted into the Werner Pact, which pledged itself to loyalty to Leipzig until summer 2023.

Liverpool isn’t the only team that is interested in the German striker, who scored 88 goals in four seasons of playing with his current squad, which he came from Stuttgart with 2016.

Werner was close to moving to Bayern as early as last summer, which bid about 30 million euros for his arrival at the time, and while the agreement failed, the interest of the Bavarians did not vanish.

Yet Liverpool has an advantage over other teams in contrast. Namely, Werner has consistently confirmed that Liverpool is the world’s best team, calling Juergen Klopp the world’s best coach.

He has also been improving his English language skills for some time.

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