Louis van Gaal claims that in 2014 when the Dutch manager acknowledged that he had just finished in Manchester United when Daniel Levy “blew the chance” by waiting too long to give him a contract, he came very close to taking charge at Tottenham.

“Daniel Levy flew to Holland with a private jet and came to my home where we talked for several hours,” Van Gaal told FourFourTwo.

“When Levy decided to leave the evening I noticed there were TV cameras outside my room. A Netherlands broadcaster had heard that he was in Holland, and had speculated that he would be here for me. As we were trying to keep things quiet, I was calling on my neighbor to see if he could drive him out in his car. When they did, I unlocked my front door with Levy sitting in the back seat, and questioned the reporters asking what they were doing.”

“It went well-that they were taken by surprise. It is about timing, as a coach! So it took Spurs a long time to make a firm offer and then United came up to me. We have behaved even quicker.’ I just loved the thought of going there, leading England’s number one team – just as I had done before in Holland, Spain, and Germany. I would have signed with them had Spurs come earlier with a concrete contract.”

“Spur was a club that I liked when I was younger because I was a big fan of Jimmy Greaves. I said that to Levy too, but he blew this chance by waiting too long.”


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