Lucy Bronze revealed that she will not retire unless she wins at the international level. Bronze is the most decorated English footballer currently playing. She has three Champions League titles, six league championships, five domestic cups, and last December she was crowned women’s player of the year at Fifa’s Best Awards. She believes that the Tokyo Olympics is the ideal place for the national team to win a medal.

“I get asked a lot, ‘what motivates you now you’ve won everything?’ But I haven’t won everything,” Lucy Bronze said. “I haven’t won that gold medal or World Cup or Euros. I’m dying to get my hands on worldwide success at the highest level and I won’t be retiring until I get my hands on it – unless my body gives up on me.”

“You will have to scrape me off the pitch in the end,” she added. “I’ve always said I want to win a trophy or gold medal with the national team and Great Britain is the perfect opportunity to do that.”

Bronze is not perturbed by the fact that England have lost nine of their last 14 games on the international stage. 15 of the 18 players are from the lionesses team. She believes the Great Britain team will be buoyed by having Kim Little and Caroline Weir in the team and wales skipper Sophie Ingle.

“We’re the only team going into the tournament that hasn’t been beaten in the last nine years!” jokes Bronze. “That works to our advantage in being a new team. A lot of other teams might say we haven’t had much time to prepare, but the staff we have with GB are so well prepared anyway and the players have played in top countries and for top teams, including Champions League finals, so for us to come together has been quite slick and quite easy.”

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