After fleeing isolation following a positive Covid-19 examination, Brazilian striker Luiz Adriano drove over a bicycle whilst out shopping, before seeking to defend his actions by suggesting he was wearing a mask.

Luiz Adriano Is Covid Positive

The former AC Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk player, who now plays for Palmeiras in his homeland, tested positive for the virus during normal club tests on Monday. While being asymptomatic, the 33-year-old was expected to quarantine at home for 10 days in compliance with the club’s laws. However, as he explained in an Instagram post, Adriano left home to take his mother to a shopping mall.

Despite the fact that the player insisted he was wearing a mask and would not leave his vehicle, he collided with a bike when he exited the parking lot, leaving the passenger with a bloodied lip.

A video on Twitter showed Adriano standing on the sidewalk as the cyclist was on the ground seeking attention from a paramedic.

Adriano On His Breach Of Protocol 

Adriano confessed his mistake in an Instagram post on Wednesday, writing:

“I was told to sit in a quarantined home… However, I went to the mall store yesterday to take my mother. She didn’t know how to drive, without leaving my car and while wearing a mask.

I was involved in an accident. A bicycle collided with a car at the exit of the parking lot. I kept in my mask and away at all times. But I couldn’t help but help the guy who had been in an accident. All is well.

Yes, I should not have left the building, I know it! I made a mistake!

We live in tough times, and must all be cautious and follow safety precautions. We can still help in any way. But the most important thing we can do is understand and learn from our mistakes.”

Adriano will now miss this Sunday’s Supercopa do Brasil final versus Flamengo. He was fined for his Covid-19 violation, and the money was donated to a food bank.

Brazil has been particularly hard hit by Covid-19. With over 313,000 people killed, second only to the United States on a global scale. The virus has infected over 13 million people in the world.

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