An 18-year-old driver Lundgaard says the pending decision of Daniel Ricciardo may be the key to his future Formula 1 racing.

We reported last week that the most famous ‘academy’ driver of Renault, Formula 2 driver Christian Lundgaard, was in pole position for the seat of the race should Ricciardo decide to leave the French team by the end of 2020.

This is verified by Lundgaard, from Denmark, himself.

He told BT newspaper, “It’s not in my possession. “And maybe not in either of Renault. I think they’re waiting for what Ricciardo is doing. My chance may be to leave the team.”

He admits, however, that the corona crisis is a big factor in the job, and not only because it really prevents him from getting the super license points he needs.

“It’s hard to say if I’m ready for Formula 1 in 2021-I just did a single Formula 2 race, and nobody knows when the 2020 season will start again,” Lundgaard said.

“Renault expects me to be ready when the opportunity occurs. Luckily, I’m adaptable and learn quickly and good at adjusting to new surroundings.” Lundgaard also responded this week to Kevin Magnussen’s statement that virtual ‘play’ racing is not a good way for a driver to prepare for real racing.

“It’s not the same as driving on the track of course, but I think it’s a generational problem,” he said.

“My age drivers have grown up with sim racing. It seems normal to us.” In fact, I believe you can learn a lot both from driving on the track but maybe even more from setting up the cars. I think you’re just getting smarter.


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