Scotland striker Lyndon Dykes hopes to get back to scoring goals after missing out on breaking a record that stood for 52 years. Dykes scored in four consecutive international matches last year, tying Colin Stein’s achievement in 1969. He has missed out on their last three matches due to a mixture of injury and suspension. Dykes has scored four goals for Scotland with crucial ones against Moldova, Austria, Israel, and the Faroe Islands. Their World Cup playoff semifinal against Ukraine was postponed to June following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“You don’t often have two choices like that. I followed my heart and what was best for myself – that was Scotland. I look at myself as being Scottish, my wife and my son are Scottish,” Scotland striker Lyndon Dykes said. “I know my accent doesn’t sound it, but I’ve grown up in that scenery and been around Scots when I was younger. I had to follow my head and my heart. I’ve never regretted the decision and I never will.”

“A lot of people had thoughts of Scotland being a squad that couldn’t change their minds. We’ve changed that. He’s helped with changing the mentality of Scottish football in the international scene,” he added. “We had to get out of that slump. I’ve got nothing but high praise for him. You want to play for him because he’s such a good guy. Now I think our squad is dangerous and teams will be aware of us.”

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