Initially, Napoli had bid £80million for center back to Kalidou Koulibaly but the price tag seems to have been that, with both Liverpool and Man Utd being closely associated, reports The Mirror.

Italian giants Napoli are seeking a large amount for the 29-year-old center half but the bid is much lower than the original cost estimated at £80 m.

There is growing hope that this summer, Manchester City will go to Koulibaly after ending their two-year ban on the Champions League as one of three big goals for capital.

City manager Guardiola wants half a center, left-back and forth as part of his attempts to restore Etihad and are ready to spend heavily to challenge Liverpool in the title fight next season.

The long-term target of Koulibaly was to join Aymeric Laporte as a strong center half as their Achilles heel was the first choice to pair as a defense.

Koulibaly had already been linked to the Premier League with massive cash payments so City could be his last chance to move to English football.


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