It’s easy to vilify billionaire owners like Sheikh Mansour of Manchester City, but a recent gesture suggests that he’s as much in touch with the traditional significance of English football as with the common folk.

Since acquiring the club back in 2008, Mansour has invested heavily in City. From mediocrity to a Premier League and European heavyweight, he completely transformed the club, with the club’s infrastructure significantly improved from before its arrival.

With his money turning City into England’s title challengers, you could forgive rival fans for not taking Mansour so fondly, but maybe a few may change their minds after hearing of his brilliant recent gesture, as reported by M.E.N.

The report by M.E.N notes that the oldest surviving FA Cup trophy, previously held by co-owner David Gold of West Ham, was put up for auction.

Mansour learned of the prospect of the trophy being sold and losing overseas, and with it being won by City 116 years ago in 1904, to ensure that it remains in the National Football Museum, to which it has been loaned back, the club chief agreed to fork out what M.E.N report was £ 760K.

This is Mansour’s venture, which seems to be intent on preserving the heritage of English football and the accomplishments of Manchester City’s club, also dating back more than 100 years ago.


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