After Man City reported three more positive Covid-19 test results, Pep Guardiola’s plans are in disarray.

The Daily Mail has reported that a staff member and both Scott Carson and Cole Palmer have tested positive with just hours to go before the Carabao Cup semi-final against Manchester United. They add to the nine positive samples that the People already have (six players, three employees), which means that the club is sailing dangerously close to having to shut down its training ground to stop a much more significant outbreak.

Frankly, it beggars belief that the football authorities think that football should go on as usual with the virus still so virulent. It is blindingly clear that the more often players come in touch with each other, the more likely it is that the virus will spread. There’s a very real possibility of more City games falling foul of the pandemic in the immediate future, having already had to postpone their fixture against Everton.


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